About Artistic Structure And Fabric Artworks In California

Something About Me

Image, structure, and function are evolving and interacting. Our world is completely full of diverse, meaningful relationships.

Our interest in every aspect of life requires careful consideration. My unique solutions to meeting needs and desires in artistic ways are more than worthy of being shared and celebrated.
As an artist, I am a master of many trades, with a passion for bringing creativity to life in all its forms.

From capturing the perfect photograph to crafting intricate fabric artworks, my skills are God Gifted.

My art encompasses a vast range of mediums, including tapestries, quilts, rugs, and even unique patchwork designs.
I specialize in hand and machine-made apparel and accessories, each piece crafted to showcase the beauty of the world around us.

Whether you’re looking for a unique painting or the perfect applique to add a touch of artistry to your attire, I have something for everyone, which you can also gift to someone.
Join FiberPhoto on a journey of artistic exploration, and let me bring your creative vision to life.